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Saturday, March 3, 2012

ScarJo Naked? There is a God.

Yeah, and that god ain't me.
So, I read this article online about a new film starring Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh in a movie called "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho," a drama (not a remake). Apparently, the selling point is that she's going to reenact the nude shower scene from the original. Whatever.

I looked at the comments on the site where the story was published. 97% of the comments were from guys who could only talk about how naked she might be. "If she's going full nude, it's worth the price of a movie ticket." Really? Really really? Are American guys so out of touch with humanity that they're willing to pay $12 to briefly ogle a movie star's breasts - regardless of the talent of the writer of the script, the talent of the director, and the acting abilities of the lady in question? Really really?

Those comments were made on the internet. There are literally millions of attractive naked women on the internet. Most of them are doing whatever debauched desires that these guys may have. And the best part is, these "films" are free!

Ms. Johansson is a relatively good actress and she's not attempting titillation in this film, she's working on her craft (hopefully). Perhaps there will be a glimpse of her nipples. Why do so many men only see that as the axis of the hard work that a couple hundred people put into making a film? Guys, pay attention to the end credits of a movie. Count the names as they scroll by. All of those folks had a hand in making the images and sounds that you take in. Do you think for a nanosecond, that those people assembled for the sole purpose of getting Scarlett J to take her top off for you?

Have I just gotten old? Have I fallen off the "man track"? Has my testosterone level dropped radically and left me in macho limbo?