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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Boy

My son, Cole, is the tall kid with the basketball.


  1. I'll bet you grin like a son of a gun every time you watch this - and I'll bet you've watched it more than once.

  2. Awesome! He's so tall!!!! Skating in the hall is fun. I used to sneak into the mall and try to see how far I could get before the security guys kicked me out.

  3. I am immensely proud of my son. I grin (on the inside) every time I see him or think about him. Unfortunately, since I left home, he doesn't seem to remember that I exist. I know that the time comes when the child must break free from his youth and carve out what he thinks is his adult life. Not sure I deserve the silent treatment though.

    Boys will be boys and parents must endure.

  4. He is so tall now and a lovely looking boy.
    You gave so much time to him, so much time, you were always going off to be with him, to play basketball. It is sad if he is giving you the silent treatment. He has a wonderful father in you.